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What is Tedora?

First of all, Tedora is not a new GNU/Linux distribution, it's just a respin based on Fedora distro with packages from Livna and Tigro repositories. Due to license restrictions we had to change the distro's name and to replace images, containing Fedora logos.

After the first system update Tedora becomes Fedora. All logos and images will back to standard ones. Thereby we want to point out that Tedora is not an independent distro, but just the compilation of the programs from Fedora, Livna and Tigro repositories.

Why Tedora?

Tedora's main goal is to simplify the installation and setup of Fedora. Fedora installation media doesn't contain packages to support mp3, DVD, DivX. Also there are no packages with proprietary video card drivers from ATi and nVidia. To install them you need to have an internet connection and some skills and knowledge. Besides, Fedora updates are as large as several gigabytes, which means you have to spend traffic and your time.

After Tedora installation you'll get a system with multimedia support, wider range of programs and applications (for example XFCE desktop environment and all the system updates on the date of Tedora release) than that is for official Fedora installation media.

Tedora never intended to become new or independent distribution.

How often Tedora is going to release?

We're going to release Tedora with any new version of Fedora. Rare updates would be available if necessary.

Tedora vs. Fedora 9

Although Tedora is based on Fedora Everything repository, many things were changed. And this is not limited only to alternative set of packages. Main changes and some useful information you can find in release notes.


First of all I want to thank Fedora Team for such unhappy Fedora 9 Release particularly for Russian-speaking people. If I had not knocked down into the shock, I would probably never decided to release Tedora.

Also I am very grateful to Peter Shevtsov, who translate this site to English, as well as those who will translate this site to other languages.

Tedora Logo

Project news

24.11.08 - Tedora will be renamed to Russian Fedora

15.11.08 - Tedora 10-Beta released

30.09.08 - Tedora 9.1 released

01.07.08 - Tedora 9 released

25.06.08 - Tedora 9 is expected on 01.07.2008

12.06.08 - Tedora 9 Beta 2 released

30.05.08 - Tedora 9 Beta 1 released

28.05.08 - Tedora in the second approximation

24.05.08 - Fedora Tigro Edition, the first look

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